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Time to Level Up!

Every day there are ups and downs we all have to face, but it’s up to you if you give the wrong things your time and energy. Whether you found out your man is cheating or you failed a major test, dust your shoulders off and LEVEL UP! Here are some healthy tips on turning around any sad and sorry situation!

Rule Number 1:

If you’re having issues with your friends and they get a little out of pocket, take a deep breath, tell them how you feel, and if you both can work through it in a civilized manner, keep it cool and move on.

If the situation was shady and sheisty, people show you who they are the first time, so please believe them. If someone does you wrong and they supposedly have your back… it’s time to dip baby dip!

Rule Number 2:

If school isn’t going very well, take a breath, talk to God, and map out what you can do to turn things around.

You failed a test?! Think about what you did to prepare. If you were at Mully’s and party hopping till two in the morning… sis get your life.

If you were trying to find the plug, but homie wasn’t answering the phone. Step one find a new plug and step two find the book for the class you never bought and the notes you didn’t pay attention too and study for that test!

Grades come first and the turn up can definitely wait.

Rule Number 3:

Life is getting on your everlasting nerve? Baby find your passion and do what you love to do the most because stress is also a known cause of death and your happiness should always come first.

It’s one thing to want to help everyone and make sure they’re good, but if you neglect to take care of you, who will?

Rule Number 4:

In relationships, communication and honesty are some of the main components to success. But bae cheated on you with half the campus and now you don’t know what to do. LET THAT MAN GO!

If you’re a girl buy some new clothes, invest in some Fenty makeup because you can, and switch up your hair if you really want to stunt, because it’s time to grow and glow.

Fellas get that fresh cut, hit the gym, and if you’re feeling fancy girls love a man who looks is neatly pressed and looks refreshed.

Get yourself together and do you boo!

You don’t have to wait for someone to make you happy. It’s time to level up!


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