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Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your High School Career Ends

 College isn't for everybody but your now can make or break your future. Before you jump into college because you think that's the best for you, think about what YOU want to do and be. Here are three questions to ask yourself before your high school career ends.

1.Are you ready for what college gives you besides a diploma? [bf_image id="m3r77t3nfxbc5x9k8vsqpmm"]  You get more than a diploma leaving college. You get stress, anxiety, and years into debt. College is EXPENSIVE. Yess girl, education isn't free anymore (if you went to a public school), and there's no more recovery work to make your grade a little higher. Stress isn't good for your mental health, and coming from a college student now, breakdowns have become a little normal. You have to be heavily motivated and organized to be on top of your game. Look more into what college you want to go to if you're interested, look at the area, tuition, and the graduation rate in your interested major. 


2.Do you need a diploma to start your career?

[bf_image id="q7k27c-3o1uw0-girok7"]Every career doesn't need a diploma. Why stress and go to college when you don't have to? Time and money wasted on school when you could have invested in your future business. ​Before the school year-end, make short and long-term goals that you can check off during your journey. For example, make a goal tree. Put what you want to be at the top, put your long-term goals underneath the title, and put your goals last.  Short-term goals are something you can reach within a week, and long-term goals take up to years, maybe. Start from the bottom up, and trust me, you will get to your top goal, but you can't rush the process.

3. What bank is good for you to save in? [bf_image id="stshhv43b3kf57fkfmf9448"]

SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! You never know what obstacle you may have in the journey of starting your career. Start saving now, even if it means ten dollars a week. By the end of the month, you will be forty dollars closer to your future. The biggest thing you have to remember is you can't touch the money. You will be surprised how much you will have by the end of the year. For example, I started a hair business in Valdosta. I put half of what I earned each hairstyle in my savings. I promised myself before I entered college that I will NOT take out a loan, so my savings are only for college tuition. When I go back home to my real job, I will start another savings for a future organization I want to be in.

Thinking about your future early is very important, but you have to ask yourself what do you want to do. If you don't know, it's okay. Join clubs or organizations so you can learn something new about yourself. Whatever you decide to do with your life, be motivated.


Simone Hill

Valdosta '23

Simone Hill is a sophomore at Valdosta State, majoring in Communication Disorder and minoring in Psychology. Her goal is to work in a school system as a Speech Pathologist or a counselor, but she loves to sit back and watch Netflix and draw in her spare time. She also loves to design and paint stuff in her room. "A creative mind never sleeps," a quote by an anonymous author.
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