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We’re not getting any younger and we’re getting too old to play games. You put yourself out in the ” Ready To Mingle Stage”, but coming from past relationships, it’s hard trying to figure out who is right for you. In many other situations, you’re trying to settle down with someone and don’t know if you should make it official. Here are some tips to look for in your future soulmate.

  1. Talk about the future.

When you get into a relationship, there has to be a lot of communication. I think everybody knows that, but talking about the future can contemplate if he/she is right for you. For example, if your soulmate wants to live out of the country, but you want to stay close to your family, it wouldn’t match. Yall lives wouldn’t add up with each other. It may change based on how strong the relationship gets, but it’s something to talk about. Also, take this as an opportunity to see if that person is on the same level as you. You need someone that has aspirations and a desire on the same level as you or a level above you. As life continue, your soulmate becomes more than the love of your life, but your business partner and your motivation. That person is there to uplift you and motivate you to push yourself. (They have your best interest.) You build with that person and you beat each other’s level until you meet each other’s goal.

   2.  Working out problems

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Disagreements happen and it’s not about who is right; it’s about how you fix it. After a disagreement, is that person willing to talk it out or forget about it? Running from a problem will only make the situation worse. Let the situation calm down and come back together to see how to fix the problem. It’s about to agree to disagree.

  3. The respect for the differences.

Everyone heard,” Opposites attract,” so it won’t be a surprise if you find someone a little different from you. The respect on how different you two are. For example, if you’re attracted to someone who has a different religion, you have to respect the culture. Also, it’s an amazing opportunity to expand your horizon.


I hope you take these three tips to find your soulmate or partner. Communication is the main key to a relationship, but it’s about HOW you communicate.


Simone Hill

Valdosta '23

Simone Hill is a sophomore at Valdosta State, majoring in Communication Disorder and minoring in Psychology. Her goal is to work in a school system as a Speech Pathologist or a counselor, but she loves to sit back and watch Netflix and draw in her spare time. She also loves to design and paint stuff in her room. "A creative mind never sleeps," a quote by an anonymous author.
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