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Thanksgiving, regardless of the reason you celebrate it, is a time of year that we can remember all of the things we are thankful for as the year is closing. Being in school, it can be a struggle to remember the little joys in life because of exams, studying, and homework. So, in case you really need it, this is a list of things to be thankful for that we may have taken for granted.

  1. The Cold Season

It may just be a mix of seasonal depression, but everyone, even those that love the cold, feels a little disappointment when the temperature changes from that perfect 70 degrees to a regular 50 degrees or even lower. However, we should be thankful for it because, without the cold, we would never truly enjoy the warmth that comes back the following few months. Without the cold, we wouldn’t have beautiful, pillowy snowfall. Without the cold, we wouldn’t enjoy our hot coffee as much as our iced coffee.

2. Fall and Winter Themed Decorations

Walking or driving around neighborhoods is a more common pasttime now that the decorations are out. Even if you don’t decorate, others certainly are and their lights and blow-up figures can definitely shoot off some dopamine neurotransmitters. We should be thankful that we are in an environment where beautiful lights and decorations can come so easily. These decorations are a part of the season that makes this time of year special.

3. Being in School

I know this one may be hard, but being in school is honestly a tremendous opportunity. So many people do not have the opportunity to further their education, especially in a specific field or industry. Although some of us may be in crippling debt after, at least we can get the experience of going to school, being independent, and pursuing our careers. We have the opportunity to meet new friends who are interested in the same things we are and go to events that we can’t go to without being college students. Although it may be tough now, Fall and Winter Break is upon us!

These are a few things that you can consider when you’re struggling to make up your list of things to be grateful for. The holidays can be celebrated for any reason, but to wrap up the year, be grateful for what this year has offered you and how you’ve grown. The list can go on and on for things we’ve taken for granted, but don’t let those things escape you. End the year on a high note, as it has been a long, hard year.


Tiffany Artis

Valdosta '25

Hello! My name is Tiffany Artis. I am currently a self-employed beautician (specifically an eyelash extension technician) and a Business Management student at Valdosta. I plan on opening my own full-service day spa consisting of eastern practices and services. I'm starting to travel the world due to this desire so that I can offer these services authentically. I am also one of the biggest foodies that you will meet, the food I eat being adventurous yet comforting. From relaxing spa services to bustling, bright restaurants, I love learning all that there is to the mind, body, and soul, as well as the food that fuels us.