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Things to Remember Before & During Finals Week

Finals week is approaching. One of the bright sides is that it means summer bliss is just around the corner. On the gloomy side we have final projects and tests to worry about. It is an emotionally crippling process that we have to repeat semester after semester after semester until we finally get our degree. I know most of us have gotten advice about finals week over and over again, but for some reason the masses continue to make the same mistakes. They are simple mistakes like treating our bodies like dumpsters instead of temples, not allowing our brains to get any type of break, or not allowing our bodies to rest. Until people stop making these mistakes the your beautiful Her Campus chapter has to remind you how to make the best out of finals week! Now here are some tips on how to be great, with the tips of some of our favorite Disney characters! 

Remember to eat! For some reason people always forget to eat when they are stressed out. Take a moments during studying and eat.


Try not to eat too much crap. As college students it is so easy to run to the nearest 4 for $4 everyday. In the long run that will make us fat and we will ultimately regret it. 

Stay hydrated! This doesn’t really help with finals, but water is a major key to success.

Try not to depend too much on energy drinks, soda, or coffee. You will feel the crash eventually and it will not be pretty. 


Don’t over study. I know you might think you can’t study too much, but you can if you do not pace yourself. Finals week can be long and treacherous so don’t pack on the studying too much.

Get some sleep. I know 8 hours of sleep is optimal, but 6 hours of sleep will also get you through the day. 

Try to keep a positive attitude. Finals week will be full of ups and downs, but try to stay as positive as possible. Try to keep that outlook when going into your final test!

Find time to unwind. Finals are stressful, so try to find an hour here and there do do whatever relaxes you. Whether that includes exercising, eating, watching television, or reading a book. Do something to take your mind off of these test!

Try not to over indulge on your fun. While it is great to catch a movie or grab an extra 30 minutes of sleep don’t go crazy. 

So keep your head on straight and your mind clear (of non-sense not test materials) and you will float through finals week. 


Toni Miles is a Mass Media Major with aspirations of writing, producing her own documentaries, and directing short films in the future. 
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