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Then vs. Now: A Trip Down Memory Lane

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

As the world continues to evolve and change before our eyes, we must not forget where it all started. We refer to those distant memories today as the good ol’ days. I’m talking about back when life was simple and worry-free. Take a look at these throwbacks and enjoy your trip down memory lane!


Notes vs. Texting 

Before texting and air dropping messages to someone, there was simply writing notes. This was a more personal form of communication. You had the love notes, the notes to your best friend, and the notes that got balled up and thrown away at the end of class!


CD players vs. iPods

There was a time where if you wanted to hear your music on shuffle, you had to switch CDs! A portable CD player was a must-have! We all looked forward to going to the store and buying the latest CD. Now, buying music is as simple as going to your iTunes app and downloading the album in seconds.


Books vs. Books

Everyone remembers when it was time for the Scholastic school book fairs. Every book from Harry Potter, Goosebumps, Where’s Waldo, The Babsitters Club, The Berenstein Bears, and many others were popular at the time! Books were so adventurous and vivid. Thanks to these great reads, we still enjoy reading every now and then!


Phones vs. Phones

Touchscreens used to be a thing of luxury and texting had to be done by pressing numbers. Cell phones have gone through the biggest transformation over the years! Back then, there were so many colors and types of phones out, it was hard to keep up! I had the Motorola Razr phone, and I thought it was the best thing out! Who knows where phones are headed now!



Tattoo choker vs. Real tattoo

They say you’ve gotta fake it till you make it! When we were young, tattoos looked like the stamp of being considered grown. We had the peel off tattoos you could get from coin machines, and henna tattoos at amuesment parks. We made them work however we could and couldn’t wait to have a real one some day! No one anticipated the real pain that came with the needles, but we love our body art!


bebo vs. Twitter

Today, from friends to followers, it is all about keeping up. There was a time when everyone invested majority of their day into creating and decorating their profile page and rearranging their top friends. We weren’t limited to 140 characters per status and we could have music playing on our page! Looking back on your old self, you’d probably cry laughing!


Gameboy vs. Tablets

Games are so accessible now, whether it’s on phones, tablets, or computers. The graphics are now HD and the choices are endless. But who doesn’t remember having their own Gameboy Advanced or Color? There was nothing else like it and it could fit right in your pocket!


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