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Our rooms need a bit of sprucing up around this time of year when it gets dull, cold, and gray. Especially if you have a roommate that will be leaving from an apartment you stay in, it can get a little bit lonely. Plants can fulfill all of those needs in a way that humans can’t. Occupy yourself by watering them, tending to them, and researching how to take care of them best. They can keep you company and amaze you with their growth. However, buying the perfect plant for your room and lifestyle can be difficult. The best thing for a starter plant mom/dad is a low-maintenance plant. So what first comes to mind?

Succulents are one of the best plants to start out with. We all know that cactuses do not need much water throughout the year. There are many more succulents out there than cactuses. If the prickly plant isn’t your cup of tea of what you want to look at every day, there are more exotic home succulents such as an aloe or snake plant. Not to mention that after an aloe has grown, it can be beneficial for your skin! Cactuses and aloes grow relatively slower, and snake plants grow faster if given enough sunlight. These plants are the easiest if you’re always on the go and don’t have a regular schedule. They only need to be watered every few weeks at most.

Add some flowers to bring brightness and color to your room! If a floral scent is your favorite fragrance as well, make sure to get a strongly scented flower such as jasmine flower or lavender. Lavender is an herb, so it also has several health benefits that you can use it for. The smell of it aids with sleeping, which some of you may need help with amongst the partying and the homework stress. It also can calm down your nerves and anxiety. Keeping it handy in a spot that is convenient for your study or nap sessions can really smooth out your day. Get a flower that’s bold in color if you want to relieve the dullness of your room. African violets come in an assortment of colors such as purple (obviously), pink, white, and red. These flowers are not as easy to care for as succulents as they are a bit more particular about their environments. They require indirect sunlight, not direct sunlight as that can be too bright for their leaves.

Go to your local plant nursery to choose the plant that’s best for you and your living space. Of course, try not to get anything too complicated if this is your first time handling a plant. It can be addicting once your first plant survives its first few months with you, so don’t get carried away, too! You can also change the pot to your plant if it grows out or if you just don’t like the pot it came with! All it takes is a little soil, water, and love, and your plant can grow to be perfect in your room.

Tiffany Artis

Valdosta '25

Hello! My name is Tiffany Artis. I am currently a self-employed beautician (specifically an eyelash extension technician) and a Business Management student at Valdosta. I plan on opening my own full-service day spa consisting of eastern practices and services. I'm starting to travel the world due to this desire so that I can offer these services authentically. I am also one of the biggest foodies that you will meet, the food I eat being adventurous yet comforting. From relaxing spa services to bustling, bright restaurants, I love learning all that there is to the mind, body, and soul, as well as the food that fuels us.
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