"That's So Raven" is BACK!

Growing up we all had that one Disney Channel show that we looked forward to seeing the new episode each week. Mine was “That’s So Raven” and I am super excited that my favorite show is coming back with a spinoff. Raven Symone is starring in the spin of her past television show “That’s So Raven.” She will play a single mother of two, and one of her kids has been born with her ability to see the future as well. The spinoff show is still in its early stages of creation, and there is still no title for the show.

I am ecstatic about the spinoff, but I am also a tad bit hesitant. I say this because I also use to watch “Boy Meets World”, and they too had a spinoff show on Disney Channel titled “Girl Meets World” where Cory and Tapanga played parents of two kids. The show was definitely a let down in my eyes, and I just really do not want that to happen with “That’s So Raven.” Only positive thoughts and I will be tuning into the show once it airs.