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Taking Care of Our “Honey Pot”.

Vaginal odor can be caused by several different things. Some are a result of normal bodily functions (normal musty scent or metallic scent during periods) but foul or fishy odors can be a sign that you need to take a trip to your gynecologist.

Despite how annoying vaginal odor is, it is actually a very common part of vaginal health!

80% of women experience vaginal odor at least every 2-3 weeks.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with occasional odor, it does not mean you’re not clean or that you have an STD!

But that doesn’t mean that you must like the occasional smell, and if you’re anything like me, you would like to control those odors as often and safely you can. If you are struggling with vaginal odor or just want to find different ways to freshen your vagina when the time comes, I have the perfect company for you: The Honey Pot.

The Honey Pot is a 100% natural feminine care company made by women for women (it is also black owned). The Honey Pot has everything from cleansing products, menstrual pads, lubricants and sprays! Another amazing thing about The Honey Pot is that they have products for pregnant women also!

In my last article, I talked about how important it is to be careful with the products that we use for our vaginas! The Honey Pot’s products are made without any artificial fragrances, parabens, carcinogens, or any of that yucky stuff that many brands like Summer’s Eve and Vagisil carry. The Honey Pot’s main ingredients are coconut oil (fights bacteria and moistures your vagina naturally), grapefruit seed extract, apple cider vinegar (balances and maintains a healthy pH), oats (soothes dry skin) and colloidal silver (fights bad bacteria).

I’m sure that you are interested by now, so here are some of the products I have used and recommend for any of you thinking about giving The Honey Pot a try!

Normal Foaming Wash | $9.99 https://thehoneypot.co/?rfsn=2250300.158a8c

The foaming was for "normal" skin has become my favorite part of shower time! The foam is very soothing and leave me feeling clean and refreshed. I would totally recommend this for anyone looking for a cleanser specifically for their lady parts. (This foam is also available for sensitive skin and pregnant women!)


Normal Wipes | 7.99 https://thehoneypot.co/?rfsn=2250300.158a8c​


The wipes for "normal" skin has also been a favorite of mine! I bought it in travel sized so that I can carry take it with me on the go. I don't use it every time I wipe ---just any time I'm wanting to feel freshened up!


I am by no means a doctor SO if you are experiencing more intense symptoms like strong, fishy or unpleasant odors, abnormal discharge, itching or irritation please go visit a doctor!

Markesia Barron is a senior at Valdosta State University. She majors in Middle Grades Education concentrated in Language Arts and Reading. After graduation, she plans to become a middle school Language Arts teacher in the Metro Atlanta area. Markesia enjoys writing, reading, super-hero movies, and meditating outside. She's a big Beyonce fan and self-care enthusiast.
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