Take a Seat at the Table and Let's Sip This Lemonade: How the Knowles Sisters are Getting Us in Formation

Okay ladies now let's get in formation! 2016 has been an amazing year of absolutely outstanding albums including the Knowles sisters. This is no surprise however, the Knowles family was obviously bred for greatness. Beyonce and Solange are veterans in the game in both music and cinema.

Beyonce started performing at a young age in various competitions in her hometown Houston,Texas and then rose to fame in the late 90s as the lead singer of Destiny's Child. After releasing her first solo album in 2003, Dangerously in Love, the rest is really history. She has sold over 100 million records since going solo and is the most nominated woman in awards history. Who runs the world? Queen Bey!

Solange on the other hand is in a league of her very own!  Also showing interest at an early age, she had a few brief moments with Destiny's child before signing with her father's record label. She released her first album at the age of 16, Solo Star. She has often said song writing is her passion and has wrote various songs for Destiny's Child, Michelle Williams, and her sister Beyonce. In 2013, she announced she was starting her own label, Saint Records, and in November she released the label's first compilation album, Saint Heron. Besides being a complete boss, Solange is a Tumblr favorite with her exceptional sense of style and total embodiment of what a carefree black girl truly is.

Now that we've all been introduced let's talk about the albums.

First up, Lemonade. 

 Lemonade is Beyonce's sixth album, and second visual album. Not only did all twelve songs have a video, but a one hour film followed it's release on HBO. Artistic freedom at it's finest, Beyonce took us through a complete cycle of emotions over what seemed to be adultery. Starting with, Pray You Catch Me, we experience the heartbreak of witnessing the first signs of infidelity all the way to ultimate forgiveness with All Night. Throughout the album she pays homage to the Black Lives Matter movement, includes poetry by Warsan Shire, and overall empowers black women everywhere. She is a constant reminder of the resilience and strength women have. Lemonade is so amazing that the University of Texas at San Antonio is offering a course on the album. Hello?!! Sign me up!

Next up, Solange's album, A Seat at the Table.

Okay, so I've listened to this album several times and the only way I can truly describe it is smooth. From the mesmorizing melodies to the enlightening interview clips included, this album is the ultimate vibe playlist. This is Solange's second album under Saint Records and it can easily be defined as, "unapologetic" and a "for us by us" project. The album reeks of a pro black aesthetic with song titles such as, Don't Touch My Hair ft Sampha, No Limits, Borderline (An Ode to Self Care) and many more. If ever there was a time to be proud to be Black, ladies and gentleman, now is that time. Round of applause for Solange Knowles bringing it back, blacker than ever!!!

These ladies have really set the tone for the upcoming 2017 year. Their albums just scream, "black and killing it" and frankly I am all here for it. So ladies and gentleman( you might learn something) if you haven't had a chance to listen to the albums go ahead and treat yourself. You will not be disappointed!! *Takes a seat at the table and sips lemonande*