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Support Your Friends, Support Local

As we grow older we make friends and connections throughout our everyday activities. Maybe you’ve known someone since birth, or maybe you just met them. One thing that is certain, no matter how long you’ve known someone asking for handouts when it comes to their creations is not okay. It doesn’t matter if they’re a photographer, artist, cook, musician, stylist… The list could go on and on. I understand that you “go way back” and you’ve known them even before they discovered their hidden potential.

However, buying new Jordan’s, using your rent to see Beyoncé, or blowing your paycheck at Hobby Lobby because you think your home needs a facelift is an insult to your friends when you ask for a freebie or a discount just because you are friends. I have been lucky to cross paths with some amazing people that have skills beyond their years. These people have devoted countless hours and worked overtime just to afford to further their passions just to turn around and have a friend ask for a freebie is equivalent to a spit in the face to some artist.  

Instead, save up as if you were saving for the Yeezy’s that you’ve been dying for. At the end of the day as a friend you are the first supporters. If someone you know is following their passion support them. If you can’t afford to financially, motivate them to continue following their dreams. Support your friends, support local. 


Takiya Jackson is a senior studying organizational communication at Valdosta State University. She was born and raised in South Georgia. She is an adrenaline junkie, aspiring road tripper, and food connoisseur.
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