Stylin and Profilin

Hello all! It's been a while but Hercampus of Valdosta State University is back! All across the country, many new freshmen are coming to college and may want to make a good first impression through their clothing. To help ease the stress of finding a good first-day fit, I have provided three different styles that would be a good jump start to leaving your mark at your college/university.


1. Be Thrifty

There's nothing wrong with being the thrifty person on campus. You're getting the best of both worlds by picking out clothing from a thrift store. It's cheap and also you can find good pieces! Goodwill and the Salvation Army are both great places to choose from. If you have neither within your area of residence, there are always little thrift stores downtown. Thrift shopping can be hard because when first looking at the clothes the thought that the clothes look old or either the clothes might be for old people pop in your head, but it's best to go into the thrift store with a vision of what you want. You can also Google or my personal favorite, look to Pinterest for styles that can be made from clothes a thrift. After awhile you'll soon get in the hang of the vintage look and be able to peace your own clothes without references.


2. Be Luxurious 

Now dressing luxurious is also a lane to take as a college student. What one determines as a luxurious style can be open for interpretation, but, for me, this means dressing in all name brand, nice clothing, and clean shoes. The only downside to this style is that it can be a bit pricey, but there are some department stores such as a Ross or TJ Maxx that markdown prices on name-brand clothing. Also, most high-end clothing can be bought during black Friday or cyber Monday for super cheap. Deals can go as high as 90% off.


3. Be You

If you feel like the choices above, don't fit with what you want to do as far as clothing, then just do what feels right for you. College is all about leaving your mark and making the best memories as possible, you can do that by being different and not fitting in with the style of the majority of the crowd. If you feel like wearing all black everyday do that. If you feel like wearing bright colors every day then do that! When you come to college it's all about you and doing what makes you happy. No one will notice you if you're trying to fit in. So be bold and stand out with a style of your own.


I hope this article has fulfilled its intentions by giving you a rush of excitement to begin your college career. You may face many bad times, but never forget that there are good times to come as well. Make lifelong friends, make the best grades you possibly can, and shine for the rest of your life. The real work starts here, and for further advice, continue to check out the Valdosta State University Hercampus website.