Story Time: How My Favorite Cousin Went to Jail

Story time! As you saw from the title, this is how my favorite cousin went to jail. Now my cousin has never been to jail let alone been in serious trouble with the law so when I figured out what was happening I was too shook.

It was a Saturday night and we had just got back from her photo shoot she did for a friend, which means she had on a full face of make up, wig curled and errrthing! We parked in two different places and she was with her mother (my aunt). My aunt had no idea where to go so my cousin said she would drive for her, HUGE mistake. Now as stated before my cousin has never been in SERIOUS trouble BUT, she is a speed demon. She’s been pulled over 10 times but has only gotten a ticket twice, which both were super speeders. So at this point, her license has been suspended. Now my cousin NEVER drives anywhere but my Aunt had been driving all day and also did not know where to go so my cousin drove. I and my friends decided to go on home and just knew my cousin would be home later, wrong. We were in the living room when someone rang the doorbell. My Aunt. She walked in.... without my cousin. She asks us if we had a charger and continues to charge her phone but I’m thinking........ hey, um, where’s Jasmine?

So my younger cousins were calling asking about Jasmine, and all I heard was “I don't know he asked her to get out the car and took her” so I’m thinking “was my cousin just arrested or kidnapped?!”. My Aunt then asks, “Where is the nearest police station” so I and my friends look it up and give her the address. Right before she leaves, my friends ask if we needed help and my Aunt says sure. So here we are, five women, on the hunt for my cousin. We pull up to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s office thinking this is where she would be, wrong. My Aunt asks the clerk for Jasmine S****. The clerk asks what she was arrested for and my aunt says “Driving with a suspended license.”. DAMN. I knew it. They gave my suh to the wolves and I just knew she was in jail dying. Later on, I found out my cousin and aunt were pulled over for not having headlights on. Since my cousin's license was suspended of course they took her in. The clerk sends out a message to all the officers on duty to try and find her and finds out the Valdosta State University police arrested her. U.P.D. At this point I am livid. UPD?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! *deep breathes*. So we continue on with the journey and end up at the Lowndes. County. Jail. 

We walk in to talk to more clerks. Once again my aunt asks “Where is my daughter Jasmine S****”. They tell her her charges once again and say her bond was $860. EXCUSE ME?! Who has that type of money in cash? Not I said the fly. So knowing about previous jail knowledge (not me, but another family member) I know that you can pay a bondsman 20% of the bond to get out, so we ask how much it would be if we did that and this lady says $1,600. HUH?! At this point, I’m wondering what my sis was doing, driving with her eyes closed?! I knew that couldn’t be right. We go back in the car to call a bondsman and he tells us it’ll be $265. Now that sounds better. So since no one has an extra $265 laying around my aunt calls my uncle for a little help. This is where things go left. My aunt has a Bluetooth car and me and my friends can hear the ENTIRE conversation, and it was not pretty.  My uncle cusses my Aunt OUT I mean I’ve never heard him so angry. I feel so bad and me and my friends just sink in our seats.

Moving on. The bondsman finally arrives and they start doing paperwork, but then she leaves with him. Hold up. Where you going?! Me and my friends are in the jail just as confused as could be. Finally, my aunt comes back. About 15-20 minutes later my cousin comes RUNNING out the back. FINALLY, MY CUZZO IS HERE. The next morning my cousin tells me she had to sit in the holding cell with the jumpsuit on and EVERYTHING. Yes, you have to bend over and cough and because of her makeup, her mugshot was cute as ever. Men were catcalling at her talking about “hey sweet thang” and she even met a crackhead. The bougie queen tells me to let u all know that she NEVER wishes jail on anyone. It was the worst 4 hours of her life and she’s grateful we came to her rescue. 

With all of this being said PLEASE be safe out here. Make sure your headlines are turned on whenever you go out, and if you know your license is suspended PLEASE do no drive. Stay outta jail!

-Briana :)