Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Close your eyes and imagine your dream date. You probably have a 'type' of person that comes to mind when you think of the perfect partner and date. It's totally normal to have certain standards for those you pursue romantically. But if you have a feeling that none of your current dating strategies are turning out the way you want them to then, there's no harm in trying a new approach and dating out of your comfort zone. 

”Everyone has their dating comfort zone: a collection of wants and needs that, when met, minimize the angst and pressures that come from dating," Chris Armstrong, relationship coach and owner of Maze of Love, tells Bustle. For instance, I was in denial about having a type but I realized that my “type” or “comfort zone” are guys that are tall, lightskin/brownskin, “pretty boy” but in the sense of being able to dress. These qualities have led me down the path of failed relationships. I thought to have my type was the best thing but the truth of the matter is that having a list of 'deal-breakers' was actually holding me back. There’s a difference between having standards/deal-breakers and refusing to settle and dating people who are all clones of one another, with different modifications. 

Dinner and a movie? Netflix, homework, and chill? Sure, those are the easiest first dates but that doesn't make them the best. It's good to think outside the box when planning a date. It helps to mix things up without getting too crazy. Try something new and see if the change of effects the success of your date. Doing something adventurous or silly is a great bonding experience. Getting out of your comfort zone is a scary thought but its also a great experience too. The most beautiful things happen unexpectedly. April is a month full of new opportunities. Take this month to step out your comfort zone and talk/date someone that you would never have imagined in your dream date. You never know, you just might find your prince-charming by stepping out your comfort zone.