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Stabilizing A Roller Coaster Relationship

A Roller Coaster relationship is a relationship when it’s sometimes up and exciting, yet down and upsetting at other times. That was how my relationship status was not too long ago. I decided to be the bigger person and step up to stabilize my relationship.

Let me just give you some detail about my personal life, just a little, not too much. I have been dating the same guy for almost three years, but it is long distanced. He goes to school in Orlando, Fl.  while I go to school in Valdosta, Ga. You see where the problem may lie? I love my boyfriend but who wants to drive three hours and eighteen minutes every week? I surely don’t and vice versa. So our biggest problems were actually getting to spend time with each other and communication.

If you are in this type of situation or you just don’t see your significant other as often as you should, fix it. Well, that’s if you still want to be with that person. The reason my relationship was a roller coaster was because one week we were perfectly fine, no arguments, and just lovely dovey. Then the next week, we are arguing, ignoring each other, and being petty.

So this is how you stabilize this roller coaster:


 If neither one of you show interest or talk to each other, how will anything ever be resolved? If you don’t want to drive a long distance to see your significant other, call them or video chat with them. Do something OTHER than texting. Text messages can often be interpreted in a different meaning than what you intended no matter how many emojis you put next to the message. So, communicate better and don’t just hear what each other has to say, actually listen to each other.


2. Be Honest

Yes, be honest in your relationship because it may not seem like it at the time, but eventually lies are brought out to light. Being in a relationship means you have to have trust and honesty to function. Without it, you’re always going to be suspicious and paranoid to where he or she is and who they are with and why they out at this time, etc. Avoid all of that and put everything you’re hiding on the table. Trust me, I know it’s hard to do, but it will make you feel so relieved afterward.

3. Spend Quality Time

When you spend quality time with each other and enjoy yourselves, you won’t have time to bicker and argue. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time either. Just do simple things that make both of you happy. Spending quality time will make both of you appreciate each other more.


4. Be Considerate

Everyone has his or her own life. You have to respect that and be considerate of the things that they may have planned. You have to respect not only them, but also their time, space and wishes. You want someone to be considerate when it comes to you and the things you do, so you have to give the same courtesy. This also establishes a strong respect aspect in your relationship.


Now that you know how to stabilize and get your relationship back on track, remember to always stay true to yourself. Now go make your roller coaster relationship into a smooth plane ride.


Hello, Paige Buchanan is currently a junior mass media major and journalism minor at Valdosta State University. She loves the art of writing and media. Her career goal is to be a News Anchor. She loves to socialize with new people, explore her options in every aspect, and has many goals set for herself. She always has loved the quote "The Sky Isn't The Limit, It's Only The View" Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: paige_beauty96