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For the Spring Breaker Who’s Not Partying It Up

For most college students spring break is next month in March. Lots of people already have plans to go out of town and have the time of their lives. But what about the people not going out of town on spring break? For those people who are staying in their dorm rooms or going back home here are some reasons to look forward to spring break!

1. Catch up on sleep: That one all nighter really messed up your sleeping schedule. Use spring break to get back on track.

2.  Catch up on TV shows: Perfect week to binge watch!

3. Have “Me Time”: Use spring break to pamper yourself whether it’s getting your nails, hair done. Spring break is dedicated to you!

4. Catch up on homework: The trick is to do little by little each day so you don’t have as much work to do before school is back in session.

5.  Do something new/ doing something you haven’t done in awhile: Take this week to take up on a new hobby or do something that you use to do that you usually don’t do. That could be baking a cake or riding your bike, etc.

6. Catch up with old friends: Not everyone goes out of town for spring break. Use this time to catch up with friends who you haven’t talked to in centuries.


I'm Jessie Thomas, a junior in college. I'm a fun loving girl who loves music and fashion! Someday I hope to be successful in the entertainment industry.
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