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Spring Break: A Typical PCB Trip Told in Gifs

So it’s finally the end of the week and you’re walking off campus feeling like:

Your teacher’s last words were, “Have a safe break and don’t forget you have a test when you return!" but your attitude was pretty much like:

You're just ready to get to Panama for 4 days. So finally, you meet up with your friends and it’s time to go, so you’re super excited:

You guys set out on the road, and you're all in the car like:

When you finally reach PCB, you guys get out the car like:

The first thing you do is hit the beach and you're lovin' what you see:

So after partying all day on the beach, you guys decide, "Why not party all night too?"

So after you do a lot of this at the clubs...:

...You think it's a good idea to do some things you'll regret (like drunk text an ex):

Or kiss strangers like:

In the morning, while everyone’s still trying to recover, there’s always that one friend who’s up too early like:

Then she's all like:

So you guys put back on your party pants and head to the beach to do it all over:

And you’re feeling so good that your inner Yoncé takes over:

Later on, after riding around the city on mopeds, it's time to get dressed for dinner and walk the strip. However, some of you are like:
But your other friends are like:
So you finally pull something together, wearing an article of clothing borrowed from each friend. When you guys are out eating all you can think about is how hard you worked for your spring break body, but then you’re like:
After everyone is full, it's time to go work it all off. You and your girls hit the dance floor like:
On the third day, you guys are back on the beach again, but only to chill and hang out:
While soaking up the sun, you spot this cutie and you're like:
And he notices you too, so he's like:
You guys start hanging out and you're really hitting it off well. You even think you're in love:
Your night was so perfect together. You wake up on top of the world where everything is sunshine and rainbows:
But he doesn't call you back after your magical night... or ever:
But no worries, you have your awesome friends there to console you:
Everyone's worn out from this week's festivities and pretty much dead:
But it's the last day so you guys suck it up:
It's finally time to head back home:
On the way back, you reflect on what a fun week it's been. But then you realize you just broke the bank on spring break hats, tees, tattoos and booze:
When you get back home, of course the first question your parents ask is:

And your bed has never felt better:

Have a safe, fun and UNORDINARY spring break collegiettes!

I'm Felicia Burnett! I am a sophomore at Valdosta State University. My major is Exercise Physiology but I have a deep passion for writing!
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