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Spots In Atlanta For Good “Me” Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Every person deserves a little, “me” time now and again. Why not spend it in Atlanta? Easily becoming a hive for cool, tasty and interesting spots to hang out, Atlanta definietly knows how to treat someone to a good time. Whenever I’m home in Atlanta, I make sure to stop at my favorite spots and some new ones! The city definitely has dope places to visit, whether you’re with a group of your friends, or by your lonseome. Here are some cool spots to go to next time you’re in the “A” for some “me” time.

1. Uncle Julio’s Fine Mexican Food


It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include food first. Me and my mom always go to Uncle Julio’s when I’m home for school, but I make sure to visit by myself before I leave. Where do I start declaring my love for Uncle Juilo’s? The warm and crunchy tortilla chips, the homeade flour tortillas, the fresh salsa or maybe the steaming hot fajitas? It’s Mexican food at its finest and  it will satisfy your taste buds at first bite. I visit the Sandy Springs location very often, but the Atlanta location is just as amazing!

2. AMC Phipps Plaza

I love the experience of going to the movie theater and watching a new movie on the big screen. Phipps Plaza has the best theater in Atlanta! The popcorn is always fresh and fluffy, and the icey machine is always ready to go. The seats also recline and are oh-so comfy. When you’re there for “me” time, make sure to enjoy it.

3. Honey Bubble Tea

For those who don’t know, Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese milk tea. They primarly put tabioca balls at the bottom or fruit jelly. Either way its delicious, and I have to buy some from Honey Bubble whenever I’m in Atlanta. The location is perfectly in midtown and offers a ton of things to do while you enjoy the tea. Honey Bubble also has a variety of teas and pastries to choose from. While you enjoy your new found favorite, they have cozy seating inside the shop. Make sure to stop by while in Atlanta for a taste of something different.

4. Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar

Originated in Chicago, Harold’s Chicken opened a location in Atlanta. The restaurant is famous for it’s fried chicken and their amazing mild sauce drizzled on top. It’s located in Atlanta and just a few minutes from little five points. Enjoy your “me” time with some delicious fried chicken!

5. Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is a great spot to go shopping, eat, and enjoy time to yourself. The restaurant choices are endless and they have a lot of different stores for some retail therapy. I like to visit Atlantic Station and enjoy the day, while making a stop at Kilwins for ice cream or a candied apple! 

Next time you decide to enjoy some “me” time, stop by these spots for a great taste of a Atlanta. HCXO!



Erin Turner is originally from Los Angeles, California. She attends Valdosta State University as an english/journalism major. Her dream is to become an editor for a hip hop magazine. She enjoys listening to jazz and rap, reading magazines, and being around family. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: wsstco
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