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Song Moods: Little Mix Edition Part 2

November 6th is almost here! It’s the day Get Weird, Little Mix’s third album comes out.  And we’re counting down the days. Until then we’re listening to the songs we already have by them. We already know Little Mix comes up with great songs that can be about anything relatable. Whether it’s about feminism, love, heartbreak, or dancing, Little Mix knows how to put us in the mood. Let’s take a look back on some of their songs from their album, Salute.

1.  Mr. Loverboy

 Mood: Love

If you ever find a summer love/fling, this should be your theme song! Plus this song has a ’90s feel to it. You and your fling can have this song playing in the background while hanging out under the sun doing summer couple things. If you guys are lucky, hopefully you won’t melt.

2.  Salute

 Mood: Empowered/Feminism

In a society where women are pit against each other, more women should listen to this song. Salute is about women coming together and taking a stand.


3.  Move

 Mood: Dance

Get your back off the wall and dance, is what this song is basically about. If you’re ever at a party and this song starts playing, find a cute guy and just tell him to dance with you!

4.  Competition

 Mood: Competitive

If you’re in a relationship with a guy and you guys are always competing for everything, I guarantee this song is for you. Competition in a relationship can be fun sometimes but this song takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

5. About the Boy

 Mood: Troubled Love

We’ve all been there. Liking a guy for his looks and his charisma and being aware that he’s no good for you, but you still go for him anyways. Yeah, we’re all guilty of that.


I'm Jessie Thomas, a junior in college. I'm a fun loving girl who loves music and fashion! Someday I hope to be successful in the entertainment industry.
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