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Something You Didn’t Know: Colors Affect Your Mood

Color Psychology–how color affects the human body and people’s moods–is prominent across the internet. Color assossiation between individuals vary, but the overall connections between colors and emotions are universal. For example, warmer colors (reds, oranges, and yellows) evoke emotions ranging from warmth to frustration and anger, whereas blues intertwine with depression or indifference. One’s personal assossiation with a color can completely turn a color’s emotional response around, however, as childhood assossiations with a color often trump the generalized meaning in society. Whether or not you’ve caught onto this craze, here’s what you need to know about each color and its effect on your body:

Red – increases circulation and stimulates the body and the mind. This color is often related to passion, sex, love, and sin. If the shade is lighter (such as a pink), the color can be sweet in nature, but if it’s darkened to a deep crimson, it is sophisticated and high-class.

Blue – is believed to ease pain and treat illnesses. It is seen as calming in nature and actually lowers blood pressure to relaxing levels. Blue is good to wear when meeting others since it is also associated with being trustworthy and dependable.

Green – is refreshing. It is seen all around in nature and is regarded as revitalizing (seen when healing spells in video games flash green). Growth and relaxation is associated with green in an expansion of the mind (learning) and in cool, minty sea foam.

Yellow – is open and inviting. It is thought to purify the body and stimulate one’s nerves. While it is generally seen as a happy color, it can also make people of certain skin tones look sickly, and it also physically strains the viewer’s eyes because of the high amount of light it refelcts.

Orange – increases energy output and is thought to heal one’s lungs. It’s casual yet active and uplifting. Mostly used in active wear, orange symbolizes endurance and stability. It makes a statement.

Black – makes people appear slimmer. It’s oftentimes used to show villainous characters and evil or times of mourning and deep distress. Despite this, it is an elegant color usually worn in formal settings.

Purple – shows confidence and maturity. It was worn by the royals and shows a luxurious lifestyle and shows a high level of wisdom and spiritual connection. 

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