Something Women Aren’t: Mass Shooters

Disclaimer: Yes, there are women who were behind mass shootings. In fact, statistics show that out of the largest mass shootings between 1982 and 2017, two were initiated by women and eighty-eight by men. So, in the grand scheme of things women aren’t really a threat compared to men when it comes to mass shooting, but why? Why is it that men feel the need to express themselves through extreme violence? Well between societal expectation and governmental denial we are practically giving men guns and telling them to shoot up a school. 

Yes, society is partly to blame. We raise boys into thinking that they can’t cry or elaborate on pain, which conditions them into harboring feelings or not seeking help when they need; it in fear of appearing inferior. We associate certain colors, sports, and interests with women, so when an adolescent male associate himself with those things society casts him out and labels him as “gay”. We subconsciously condition men to believe if he makes less than his wife “she wears the pants in the relationship”. We encourage boys to manipulate the purity of girls to prove their foundation of manhood. The list of examples is extensive, but do you see the pattern? Society is quick to create stigmas and standards on what masculinity should look like in the man, from their income to their tone of voice, unaware that our toxic mentality is endangering mankind. This is proven because if a guy defies our close-minded expectations we strip them from their manhood, placing them in a position that makes them desperate for approval. Society is inconsiderate of the societal problems men deal with while they simultaneously internalize it all because "that’s what a man is supposed to do." 

As if society's role isn't big enough, the government also aids mass shooters by ignoring the problems and even more importantly, EXCUSING THEM WITH BULLSHIT MOTTOS. For example, 

"Guns don’t kill people. People kill people" or as the President said, "Guns aren't the problem, mental health is".    

First of all...   Guns are a problem and so is mental health in the male community. 

The government isn't doing anything about either situation and President Trump thinks it is too early to impose gun control law. So, how many people have to lose their life before gun control laws are considered "right timing"? People are more offended by the thought of gun control laws than the loss of innocent lives at the hands of reckless gun owners. If we are being politically correct, when someone says, "guns kill people" they mean guns are weapons used to kill people, so yes, they do kill people. And unstable people, "men", shouldn’t be able to access them so easily. But hey what do I know? The manly American way, whether it is to protect our country or to blow off steam, is to shoot some shit up. 

Women aren't mass shooter because we are allowed to freely express our emotions. It expected of us. So less tighten the grip on mental health and gun laws and loosen up on what makes a man, a man.