Some Friends Are Just For A Season

Throughout your life you will have many friends. Most of the friends you made in high school and freshman year of college, won't be around the rest of your life. It's harsh but that's reality. There are a few cases where you keep your friends until after college, if you do then you're lucky. Below are the type of friends you'll meet throughout your life for only a season.

1. Spring: The Fake Friend

Spring is only for a short time, but fakeness is forever. Their will always be a "fake" friend out the bunch, and sometimes it's hard to point them out. But don't worry, that person's true colors will show. 

2. Summer: The Jealous Friend

The jealous friend is who you really need to look out for. If you have a friend in your group that you think is jealous of you, then drop them. After a while the jealousy comes out, and it could end ugly. My mom has told me many personal experiences of an envious friend doing something spiteful out of jealousy, and you don't want that to happen. It'll just become a cycle if you let it continue.

3. Fall: The Nosey Friend

Nothing annoys me more, than a friend that can't stay out of people's business. A nosey friend can turn from just being curious to messy in a matter of seconds. That kind of friend wants to know what you're doing, who you're with, when you're doing it, how long it's going to take, etc. After a while it get's pretty annoying, and either cutting them off or distancing yourself is a neccesity.

4. Winter: The Arrogant Friend

The arrogant friend is just like winter, cold and annoying at times. This friend is only interested in theirself and never thinks about others. That's a huge no-no in my book. Finding friends that are like-minded as you increases the chances of having a life long friend. Someone who is arrogant, mean, and careless can be detrimental to any friendship and must be cut off.

It sucks that there isn't a machine that can detect bulls**t, but all you can do is learn from your mistakes. Watch out for these characteristics in the friends you make, and it'll be easier to find your TRUE friends. The friends that uplift you, support you, watch out for you, and love you. They're out there, just be patient.