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Solving an Issue with your Roommate

In college, it’s highly likely that you’re going to have a roommate whether it be someone who’s random or someone you’ve been friends with for years. Although most of us hope for the best when it comes to living situations, there may be an issue or two during the time you all are living together. Living with someone is huge and you want to be prepared if an issue occurs.

Communication is KEY! If you don’t talk to your roommate then a problem can continue. Don’t be scared to talk to him or her. Communication can make a big problem in a smaller one( well depending on what happened.) By talking to each other before even settling in, this can really cut down your chances of having an issue with your roommate.Communicating issues head-on helps the situation as well. If you beat around the bush with the issue, you’re only prolonging it. This doesn’t mean to be rude about it, just simply tell them what the problem is in a respectful way. If they are not understanding, you may have to get someone to help out. Never let someone take you out of your character though. 

You have to willing to compromise with your roommate. Everything isn’t going to go your way all the time. By trying to make it go your way all the time, you’re going to cause an issue with that. You aren’t in our own space, so you have to be respectful of your roommate’s space as well. Respect plays a huge role in your living situation. If there’s no respect in the household, it’ll get ugly and fast. You don’t want that to happen…at all. 

Overall, to solve an issue with your roommate can be both easy and complicated. You just have to be patient and be respectful. Remember to always keep it classy! HCXO!

Hello, Paige Buchanan is currently a junior mass media major and journalism minor at Valdosta State University. She loves the art of writing and media. Her career goal is to be a News Anchor. She loves to socialize with new people, explore her options in every aspect, and has many goals set for herself. She always has loved the quote "The Sky Isn't The Limit, It's Only The View" Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: paige_beauty96
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