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Do you only talk about yourself in most conversations? And when your friend tells you something that they’re excited about, do you only respond negatively and fail to support them? Do you immediately play the victim when a friend expresses how they feel to you? Do you always contribute negative vibes when you’re around people? When it’s time to be there for one of your friends, big or small, are you never there for them? Are you always taking from a friendship and never giving?

If you answered no to the previous questions, then good for you! Everyone could use a great friend.

If you answered yes…we need to talk. The results are…you’re a bad friend.

It’s okay. Don’t be alarmed; we can always improve our behavior.

First, let’s think about what friendship actually means. Friendship is a platonic bond you have with one or multiple people. Friends spend time together, create new memories and are there for each other in times of need. A big difference between a good friend and a bad friend is good friends add to your life, not take away. When you’re surrounded by good friends, you feel whole. You feel comfortable to be who you are because you know the people you’re surrounded with will always accept you.

Bad friends are people who drain you emotionally and mentally. Every time you’re around them, you feel like you’re constantly have to reassure their ego or make them happy, while you suffer yourself. They also have a habit of having something negative to say about your appearance, the way you act, even your goals and dreams. Bad friends want you and you only. They can’t stand the idea of you being social and surrounding yourself with other people besides them.

If this is a reflection of your behavior, please change it. The energy you put out is the energy you’ll receive right back. When it’s your time to be in desperate need of a friend, you will look around and notice that you don’t have one. It’s cliché, but in order to have a good friend you need to be one. Take a psych class, do some introspection and look at the areas you need to do better in. An important step is to take responsibility and be honest with yourself. Friendship is a very important thing and you really don’t want to miss out!


Tyime Spann

Valdosta '21

My name is Tyime pronounced like the spice! I'm 20 years old and my major is psychology.
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