Hey Ladies, I am going to touch on a topic that's very near and dear to me, and probably to you, your friends, sisters, and maybe even your mothers. I am going to try my best to speak on the issue of Self-Sabotaging. I always felt like I did this and even my mom has brought this to my attention many times. I always thought she was joking until this summer. I was watching one of my guilty pleasure TV shows, and this girl kept ruining friendships and relationships, and close to the end of the show, she was talking about how she always self-sabotaged when things in her life were going well. I am not saying that I'm a danger to myself, but self-sabotaging can be little things in your life that your ruin just because that's what you are used to doing. Even though there are many different ways people can commit self-sabotage, I think there are keys factors when it comes to being the Saboteur of your own life.

Fear of Failing

The fear of failing at anything can relate to anybody, but some of us make sure we never have the chance to fail. Yes, you can say you never failed at a particular obstacle, but you did something way worse by making sure you never had the chance to, or even the opportunity to succeed in it. It's been things I've applied or signed up for and never went through with because I was afraid of failing at it, so I sabotaged my chances of ever finding out if I could've done it. It's ok to try new things and find out if you're good at them or not, that's a part of life. You are stealing new knowledge and experiences from yourself if you choose to mess it up on your own.


Another reason I feel like one would commit self-sabotage is due to their self-worth/self-esteem. If a person feels like they are worth nothing, but is having all these wonderful life experiences, they will soon feel like it's too good to be true. You'll start wondering, "How does someone like me deserve this, "and will start doing things to ruin it before it gets taken away from you. Even if your self-esteem isn't where it needs to be, and you feel like the good things in your life is a mistake (they're not because you're AMAZING) you shouldn't start sabotaging them. You deserve everything good that's coming to you.

Wanting to be in Control of the Situation

Now, this is a reason I relate to the most. I know for a fact that I will sabotage things in my life so that I can control the outcome of the situation. I had done this and had seen others do it, especially when it came to relationships and friendships. You can't control everything. Just because you feel like a situation or a relationship might be going into a direction you don't agree with, doesn't me you should take matters into your own hands. You should let life play out the way it's supposed to because never you know what can happen in the end.

Preventing self-sabotage is something myself, and maybe you too have to deal with regularly. I believe if we try hard enough and realize that life is full of opportunities that we deserve to experience whether we succeed or not, we will be ok. Let's not be Saboteur of our FABULOUS lives.