Self Evaluation

Who are you? If someone asked you today, what would you say. Would you freeze and have to think or would you be able to shoot off examples and adjectives like spitfire. It seems so simple to know yourself and to be able to identify with what makes you who you are, however, for those who have trouble and for us who could use some self re-evaluation, write a letter. 

The most effective thing that I could have done this Summer was write a letter to myself on what I know and never want to hear, what may be an issue and would never admit, and what I know for a fact I never want to change, and knowing how to fix it. 

It's one thing to know your issues or your own personal setbacks, but if you don't put action behind making the proper changes for you, you'll never progress.

When you know everything about you, there is nothing anyone can say that you don't already know.

Since the 3rd Grade, I've written a letter to myself every three years and reflected on how much I have changed and how much further I may need to go. Many issues in our lives we don't actually want to face. We cover it with "I don't care" or "It doesn't matter", when in actuality we hinder ourselves from reaching our full potential. We blame others for the mistakes we make and justify them because "that's just how I am" is a sufficient enough excuse.

But when are you going to be tired of doing the same things? We avoid the most important issues in our lives because "we've been handling things fine and are unaffected", but what happens when you're 43 and your children now have the same toxic traits you oh so desperately tried to hide.

So I ask again, who are you?

Are you overbearing or impressionable? Are you territorial and seen as a bitch? 

You create the image of you, but if you don't know you, how can you create an image you'll enjoy?

Things last for a moment, but when the show is over and you're left alone, do you like what you see?