Refund Check SZN

It's the beginning of the semester and the week of dropping/adding classes has passed us and for some of us college students that means its almost REFUND CHECK SZN! For those that do not know what a refund check is, it is the excess money leftover from loans and scholarships that the school will give you. Some students (including myself) have been checking their account for that deposit or going to the mailroom checking to see if a check has come in yet. Instead of part-taking in unadult like shenanigans and wasting your money, I recommend that you save your refund

1) Bills 

  • We are basically adults living in the real world now, so if you live off campus and possibly do not have a stable income a good idea would be to use the excess money that you get to pay possibly up to 6 months or however long you would like for your rent or amenities. 

2) A Car 

  • Go ahead and start saving for your dream car. Whether its a few hundred or a few thousand you have to start somewhere. By constantly adding money to your savings, over time you'll have enough money to make your big first adult purchase. 


  • No matter the amount of your check its always a great idea to put some of your money away for a rainy (hungry) day 

4) Treat Yourself

  • We all deserve a "treat yourself" day. Go out and get that tattoo you been telling your friends about, or ladies go ahead and get some those bundles that you've been looking at, or even treat yourself to a shopping spree. You survived the first two weeks of classes, you deserve this. Don't feel guilty about it because we all honestly deserve a self-day.


*Just remember to use your money wisely, after all, if its a loan eventually you have to pay it back so why not use it for something that is important to you. A NEED NOT A WANT*