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Reasons To Fall In Love with Autumn: College Edition

Those summer days at the beach, barbecues by the pool and just soaking up the sun with family and friends are sadly over, they will be missed dearly. Now it’s time for chilly nights, bonfires and pumpkin spice lattes before class because fall has officially arrived!



Fall fashion 

Although summer fashion was cute with its crops tops, t-shirt dresses, and gladiator sandals, fall fashion is better because we can pretty much get away with wearing anything cozy and be comfortable in class all day. Back to being cute and covered up with flannels, cozy cardigans, booties and denim jackets.


Thanksgiving has to be a college student’s favorite holiday. It’s a time to go back home to see your family and help prepare a home cooked meal. We could all use a free meal and family time after dealing with the stress of exams, professors and late night study sessions. We can’t forget about Black Friday, pulling an all-nighter to get great deals on new items to bring with you back to college.


Sadly we’re too old to go trick-or-treating, but we’re just old enough for Halloween parties and sexy Halloween costumes. The campus activities that go on during Halloween are fun and sweet. Who doesn’t love candy apples and haunted trails?

Hot Coffee

Finally, we can drink Starbuck’s hot coffee on our way to class without melting from the heat. Iced coffee and frappuccinos are great but it’s just something about that warm pumpkin spice mocha that makes you feel cozy and focused.


I love being on my school’s campus in the fall. The campus looks beautiful with the colorful trees and warm colors all around you. Everyday it’s not too hot or not too cold, the weather is just right and it feels amazing. In South Georgia, some Fall days even feel like summer so we reap the benefits of both seasons. 

Scary Movies

Scary movies are my favorite and fall is the best time to watch all your favorite scary movies. The mood of the season is perfect for all night movie night with the girls while we count down the days until Halloween and dressing up as our favorite scary movie stars.

Fall is a beautiful time of year and there are many reason why you should love this season. These are only a few reason students fall in love with Autumn but honestly what’s not to love about it? HCXO!

Vivian Watley, also known as, Vee is a new member of Her Campus Valdosta State. She is a junior studying mass media and possibly soon to be a communication minor. As a current mass media student, Vee is still deciding on what specifically she wants to focus on. She enjoys creating YouTube videos and considers herself a natural hair enthusiast.
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