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Quick and Easy Protective Styles

Everyone hates siting in a chair for hours to get their hair done. All girls know the feeling of alerting your closest friends and family to the fact that you will be unavailable for hours due to the maintenance of your hair. Well there are a few quick and easy protective styles that you can do for yourself in order to save some time. Admittedly, depending on your personal regimen and how much you take care of your hair, the styles below do not last as long as others. However, it is a nice way to change things up, let your hair breath, and save your bum from the long wait in a stylist’s chair. 

Goddess Braids

Goddess braids can be worn around your head like a crown or they can be long and fall down. It all depends on what you and/or your stylist decide to do with your hair. This is a quick and easy protective style that can be achieved in several different ways.

Halo Twist

Yes. The answer is a yes; goddess braids and halo twist are essentially the same thing they are just executed differently. Halo twist are meant to reflect an actual halo so unlike goddess braids it would be best if you wrapped it around instead of wearing them down.

Faux Bun

Depending on your skill level this style is the easiest style to achieve on this list. You can make a ninja bun, a low bun, a doughnut, Sailor Moon buns, literally anything you can think of. You can dress it up with head chain or dress it down with a cute scarf or bandana. It is perfect for the beach, for a day at school, or date night


Faux Pompadour

The faux pompadour is play off of the faux bun. It is accomplished the same way, however, there is a slight bang, or hump, in the front depending on the look you are trying to accomplish. You can also twist the front or twist the actual bun in the back. This style was made famous by Janelle Monae. It can easily be a quick fix for a formal gathering or a night on the town with friends. 

If you want to try out these styles, but you don’t know wear to start just check out YouTube for some tutorials. 


Toni Miles is a Mass Media Major with aspirations of writing, producing her own documentaries, and directing short films in the future. 
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