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Questions to Ask When Going Through Collegiate Sorority Recruitment

What is Formal Recruitment?

Formal Recruitment is a process held by sorority chapters on a college or university campus to recruit new members to join their sisterhood. This can be a very exciting experience for women looking to find an organization for women to bond through different sisterhood activities and events to be an active student in their campus community. This experience is meant to help women find their home away from home. It helps women to be able to make lifelong friends and create a support system with women to help them grow and develop into the best versions of themselves by introducing them to the different chapters on campus over a certain amount of days to help them get to know the members of each chapter. For most women, when choosing to go through formal sorority recruitment, it can be hard to think of questions to ask the chapters throughout the process. Here is a guide to some helpful questions to ask on Philanthropy, Sisterhood and Preference Day. 

Philanthropy Day

Philanthropy Day is all about learning what each chapter’s philanthropies are and how they support them and give back. This is also a great day to ask how they contribute to their local community as well. 


  • What are your philanthropies?
  • Which one is your favorite?
  • What was your favorite event that your chapter hosted to give back locally and nationally?
  • What makes your philanthropy special for you?
  • Where does the money go that you raise?
  • What are your community service hour requirements?
  • Do you donate more time or money towards your philanthropy and the community

Sisterhood Day

Sisterhood Day is a day that women get to learn about what make that chapter’s sisterhood special. You have the opportunity to really dive into the events that they hold to bond and what values they hold close to their hearts. This is also a good day to ask what leadership opportunities they have that can help you grow and what expectations they have for you as a sister when it comes to school and attending events. 

  • What does sisterhood mean to you?
  • What do you look for in a friend?
  • What are three words to describe your sisterhood?
  • What sisterhood events do you have?
  • What makes your sisterhood unique?
  • What leadership opportunities do you have?
  • What are the requirements for membership?
  • What is your GPA requirement?
  • How does your chapter help members to manage being able to attend events and also maintaining academic excellence?
  • What other activities outside of mandatory events do you participate in?
  • How big of a time commitment is it to be an active member in your chapter?
  • Does your chapter have required study hours for members?

Preference Day

Preference Day is a more serious day when chapters choose to share with you some of the most important parts of their sisterhood. They may have a ritual or service to show you the importance of ritual and what it means to them. Some chapters may give you the opportunity to participate in the most sacred aspects of their sorority. 

  • What can I get out of your chapter that I can’t get in the other chapters?
  • What makes your chapter the right fit for me?
  • Where do you see me fitting in the chapter?
  • What made you choose your chapter?
  • What made you continue to be a sister in this chapter?
  • How did you know this was the right chapter for you?
  • Who do you look up to in the chapter and why?

It is important when going through the process that you find the right home for you. These women will be your support system while you grow through your college experience and even after you go your separate ways. Going through this experience will help you to find out what is most important to you and the kind of woman that their chapter can help them grow to be through their journey in the chapter. 


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