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The quarter life crisis may be entirely fictional to some, but for many it is real and alive. The quarter life crisis is a stage that hits some people like a bus when they reach their early 20’s. This is an age when it seems everyone expects you to have life all planned, mapped and together. Reality is, not everyone knows what the want to do with their life yet at this age. Many don’t even know how they’re going to pay the rent at the beginning of the month. The quarter life crisis is normal and it’s okay, here are a few tips on how to get through it.

Acceptance is extremely important in life. Not just because we spend our whole lives having things dished out to us that we don’t want, but mainly because it’s the number one way to have peace of mind. Accepting where you are in life is a liberating experience. So what you’re not graduating on time because you changed your major to something you’re more passionate about? Having a career in something you care about is more important, anyway. And so what if you decided you rather work retail until you figure out your future plans instead of wasting money taking unnecessary classes. It’ll make more sense in the long run. Acceptance is the first stage of growing. You never hear about caterpillars getting pissed about being stuck in a cocoon until they turn into butterflies (or at least I hope to God they don’t, I mean, that’s torture).

If you don’t like where you are in life, or you feel like you aren’t taking the right path. Change it. Have a day to yourself for research. Look into different career fields and classes offered at colleges. Read about religions, cooking, sewing; whatever! Every minor change that makes you feel better about being you is a good change. Not everyone just wakes up one morning enlightened with the knowledge of everything they want to happen for them in life. Some of us have to go through a journey of self discovery. 

Set short and long term goals for yourself. Make sure the goals you set are realistic, and something that you really want to do for yourself, not what you think everyone else wants you to do. Set short term goals for things you want to accomplish soon and long term goals for things you want to get done in the future. After all, being in your quarter life crisis is not the end of the world. Really, it’s the start. Stay strong. Appreciate time that helps you find yourself and push through.


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