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Putting Yourself First

As we get older people often times consider someone who puts themselves first as selfish and self absorbed. But why? As we journey through our college careers we go through many trials and tribulations but ultimately, in the end, we find ourselves.

Putting yourself first is not only okay at this time in life, but important. We deserve to be a little “selfish” sometimes. After all, we are starting our lives. As everything for our future slowly unfolds in front of us, our first priority should be ourselves. Treating yourself, loving yourself and discovering yourself are all important steps to take in your journey into adulthood.

So spending a weekend in the house by yourself and missing a few parties with your friends, is okay. Taking a trip back home to visit family and missing a study group, is okay. Sometimes you have to live for yourself and for what you need to do for yourself. Not only is your physical health important, but your mental health is incredibly important too.

Sadly, no one, no matter how old, has it all together. But eventually, all the blanks spaces you try to fill and things you are trying to figure out will come together. For now, at this age, you do not need to have everything together. You do not have to have everything anywhere close to together. It is okay to experience confusion and doubt. You may find yourself feeling as if you don’t have a grip on things. You’re losing your mind. You don’t know who you are… but this is just fine. This just means that putting yourself first should be your main priority. So blow people off for yourself sometimes. Cancel a few plans. Make yourself feel good, just try not to hurt too many feelings in the process.


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