Put Some Respect On The Period.

Most of society, women and men included, have negative views about periods. Women dread that time of the month, hide our tampons on the way to the bathroom, and apologize for cramps and mood swings.

And men feel sick to their stomachs as soon as they hear the word period, and although most men have at least lived with or been around women, but don’t know the difference between a tampon and a pad. (I was recently asked if tampons work like dildos?!?!?!)

But why is it like this? Why do women treat something so natural and precious like our worst enemy? Why do men remain clueless and disgusted by the very thing that allowed their existence?

And has it always been this way?

During one of my “I don’t want to be around anyone” days, wrapped up in a blanket eating chocolate and scrolling the internet, I stumbled across an interesting article about ancient tribes and periods. The way those tribes treated menstrual cycles and women during those cycles made it clear that our society has it all wrong. I learned that most women’s cycle line up with the moon cycle. Before electricity, women ovulated when the moon was full and bled when the moon was dark. I’m not sure how many of you are into astrology, but I somewhat am, and the moon is powerful when it comes to manifestation and creating. So, to think that our hated Aunt Flow is actually synced with the moon? Pretty cool.

Also, instead of periods being treated like some kind of sickness or weakness, women were treated with respect because of their ability to “bleed without dropping dead”. Some tribes believed that women were the embodiment of a holy person during their periods, and others believe that women were purifying themselves during this time. There those who believed that women were more powerful spiritually during their periods. So during their cycles, women would stay in a special hut. The women would be free from doing any work or chores, and instead just spending time with one another while becoming closer to nature. After the cycle passed, the rest of the tribe would wait for the women to share the advice, insight, or guidance they were expected to receive from higher powers. 

I say all of this to say, who has given us this shame wrapped around our periods? And who says we have to keep it? I think maybe it’s time we start putting some respect on the phenomenon that has allowed for this entire human race to exist. Put some respect on the period. -HCXO