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Hey beautiful people!

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Hoping everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! COVID has definitely put a damper on some of our love lives (especially mine), and the lack of attention towards some of our love languages has had negative effects on our mental and physical health. I see y’all. I feel y’all. Just stay patient.

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2020 definitely did a Beyoncé (world, stop!). When things were looking up (eh), Miss Rona showed her ugly head and decided to leave us all in emotional disarray. If you’re fortunate enough to find love over the Internet and even do long distance, GOOD FOR YOU, LUCKY. If you’re not as fortunate, then just listen to me.

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No matter how down you feel on your luck, just be patient. If you’re like me and feeling the residual effects of Valentine’s Day, then you’re a lil down and out. It’s all good. WE WILL GET OUR TIME, SINGLES! I’m not gonna say “oh focus on yourself and boss up”. No, you’re still valid in your longing for a relationship even if you and the world are sh*t right now. I see you.

With love + jealousy (maybe)?

-Dom Pollard


Dom Pollard

Valdosta '22

Dom is a sophomore, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in African American Studies and Sociology. They plan on doing work in either education, activism, film, or all three. They are a queer individual who speaks their mind and provides love + other elements to bring perspective to HERCampus Valdosta. HCXO!
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