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Post Election Thoughts



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     As a result of the most recent presidential election, discussions regarding the direction of the dearly beloved Land of the free are being brought up more frequently and casually. After witnessing the past four years under the former president, Donald J. Trump live and in 4k, the sudden change of balance has America on the edge of its seat. All eyes are now focused on President Joe Biden and his administration, eager and scared of the next four years.

     With the majority of power now in the democratic hands, much of American citizens seem to think that we are now entering to “Post-racial” America. It appears that the events that have perspired over the past four years has sent America into a shock and caused trauma so deep that it blinds us from seeing that not much has changed. We have gone from the first black president to a television personality who seems to know as much about politics as I do, and now to America’s original blueprint; an old white male. The promises made by President Joe Biden, are promises that were also given by previous presidents. We are showered with promises and all the sudden forget that “ALL POLITICIANS ARE LIAR”.  We can only hope for the best of Joe Biden and Vice president Kamala Harris and their administration. This is merely a cautionary tale to Americans to not follow into the same trap. For all we know, this could all have been a mirage used to win the election.

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In a political climate as tense and fragile as our current state, it is hard to predict what is yet to come. Over these past few weeks, it appears that President Joe Biden has been actively working towards his promises to the people. Although not much has been done regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and relief funds which have been a large topic for discussions, he has overturned a large number of laws passed by former President Donald Trump. We can only hope that he keeps moving forward and in the right direction.

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