The Popularity Thing From The Perspective Of A Person Who Couldn't Care Less

People like to say “we all want to be liked and admired.” The people who usually say this are the same people who try to justify why they act so hard to be popular… well the people I’m surrounded by of course. I realized that the whole popularity thing was full of crap as soon as I left high school because what impact did those so called “popular” people have on my life? Absolutely none at all. I thought once I had entered college that the whole popularity thing would be over. It wasn’t.

People around me were trying hard to be noticed, liked, and admired. Some people even went as far as to kiss ass just to be popular. I will admit that it was funny to watch people be extra just to be popular, but then I realized how unappealing and sickening it was when I had seen my closest friends doing the same thing.

It was then that I had realized that almost everyone around me, even my closest friends, actually really cared about being popular. It was and still to this day something I will probably never understand. Don’t get me wrong, when you’re doing your own thing and not doing it for attention, you can’t help but be liked and admired. But to do something or anything for that matter, just to be popular is a whole new level of ignorance and time wasted.