A Playlist For The Single Ladies

This playlist is guaranteed to get you in your feelings. If you're constantly feeling lonely and the single life is overrated, this playlist is perfect for you. Cuffing season isn't over yet!

1. Daniel Caesar- Get You 


Daniel Caesar is a hidden gem that not a lot of people know about. Everytime I listen to this song I can't help but wonder where my companion is that will stay with me through drought, famine, and natural disaters.

2. Boogie- Sunroof



If anyone loves you like the West Side, take it as a huge compliment.

3. Mabel- Thinking Of You



When you can't tell if someone is into you, but you just can't help but think about them. #SingleLife


"Wanted a b**ch down to earth, but you wanted the god d**n sky." That line sums up my whole past relationship. 

5. Big Sean- Living Single 

When you realize that everyone is starting to be in a relationship, and you're finally tired of the single life.