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Perks of Going to Summer Camp

As a kid, I loved going to summer camp. See ya Mom and Dad! I was out the door and never looking back. The best part of summer camp was not only the freedom we all got to feel as a kid for a few days or weeks, but all the other perks that have followed us through life. Check out what I think are the top 5 perks of going to summer camp as a kid, as told by the Parent Trap!

1. Party Tricks

The Cup Song is everyone's party trick now, so you've got to spice it up. Thanks to summer camp, many of us can play Spades and Poker like a boss, as well as do random stuff like archery and fencing. Give us the right house party, and I will impress anyone and everyone in the room.

2. Making Camp Friends

Those few weeks, or even few days, at camp made way for this great adventure that was making new friends. Often from all over the state, region, or country, learning new slang and trying out your new BFF's Cali style was so much fun. Over the years, as we all have grown older, we've found our camp friends on Facebook and reconnected about the good ole days!

3. Trying New Things

Summer camp is a fun and safe time to explore new interests and gain experience under your belt for the future. On top of all the fun activities, you also had the chance to be cabin leader, mediate conflict when everyone is tired and wants to go back to the cabin, and support those friends feeling homesick. These skills follow you through life and give you valuable knowledge that can pay off on your resume!


As a kid, we all have felt the growing pains of your parent(s) cramping your style. Summer camp is a time to test the limits of your ability to "adult" and take care of yourself! You can also be super sassy and get away with it without consequences...most of the time.

5. All the Feels

Looking back, some of your favorite memories are of the times you spent around a camp fire with friends, or staying up late in your cabin laughing with your bunk mates. How can we forget the times we conquered the top of the Alpine Tower or your canoe team won the annual camp race?! On top of staying in touch with camp friends, reliving these moments and summer days leave us with the happiest of memories.


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