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The People To Avoid In College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Once you’ve been in college for a couple years you start to create a mental tab of the people you avoid. Whether it’s on campus, in class or even on the way to class; there are just certain people that don’t deserve your time and energy. And lucky for you I’ve encountered most if not all, and am here to help!

  1. The needy roommate

Sometimes we can’t help who we are paired with freshman year and have to suffer through our first living assignment. But you will know this person almost immediately. This is the roommate who never seems to have anything of their own: clothes, shoes, makeup, friends, and a life in general. Not all roommates turn out to be friends, and we are also not a lending service either. This can become a potential problem when your needy roommate gets too comfortable and begins to take without asking! Roommate change requests start when?!

  1. The college senior who’s been here two extra years

Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone graduates within the four-year time span— and that’s okay! It would seem as though once you hit year five, you have tunnel vision to raise up out of undergrad and start your life… right? More often than not that may be true, but with anything, there are always outliers. Your first month on campus you start seeing guys that look rather mature but they also have books so technically they aren’t just roaming locals. Those same guys always make it a point to get to know the new girls on campus aka, fresh meat… FRESHMAN, sorry. Predatory much? Is there something wrong with the women your age or have you already met them all? Oh, you want to take me on a date and you don’t know my last name yet, sure?

  1. The classroom moocher

Either you’re this person or you aren’t. Either you pay attention and get your work done or you don’t. It’s pretty cut and dry. Those on the wrong end of the spectrum always manage to buddy up to those who mean business and the mooching begins. Whether it’s you shelling out hundreds of dollars for the book while they ask for pictures or they want to study with you only to talk about how much the class sucks. Well, how would they know if they are never there? Amirite? No, I don’t have an extra pencil for you to borrow/keep. No, I don’t have paper for you to use, who comes to class that unprepared? Moochers, that’s who.

  1. The slow driver

Snooze hitters we can relate to this. I woke up late and now I have to book it to class, which is possibly my fault but who is keeping tabs? As soon as I splash water on my face, brush my teeth and slip on my shoes I’m in the car flying down the road trying not to miss the roll. This just so happens to be the last tardy/absent I can get before I automatically fail the class, that damn snooze button gets me every time! Just as I’m about to turn into the parking lot, I get stuck behind someone who’s taking their Sunday afternoon drive on a Wednesday morning!! And then boom, I lost a decent parking space. Guess I have to drive faster next time or wake up earlier but who’s keeping tabs anyway?


Valdosta State University senior, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in African-American studies.  Food connoisseur, beauty sleep expert, binge watching aficionado, and avid art consumer.