Pansexuality is real and Valid

If you've never heard of pansexuality you may be confused, and you also may remark that the 'gay community' is getting even more and more confusing. If that correctly defines you, continue to read because it is time to be educated. People often reject the labels created in the LGBTQ+ community because of the definitive nature and the divisive lines people can draw, but pansexuality resolved some of this. Similar to Janelle Monae, some individuals like to think of themselves as free-lovers, and when they learn what pansexuality is, they identify with that label more than one that has ever been presented.No pansexuals are not sexually attracted to pots and pans, though we do get a lot of outrageous remarks and strange assumptions. People assume that we are greedy, and that hurts my feelings because I'm a serial monogamist.

First, let's explain what exactly Pansexuality is:

Pansexuality is described as of, relating to, or characterized by sexual desire or attraction that is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation

BASICALLY, Pansexuals are gender blind, when it comes to partners.

Pansexuality isn't exactly a new term, the pansexual symbol is the same one Prince adapted as his name for a short period of time. Personally, when it comes to falling in love, my decisions lies heavily on that person's personality and our common interest. I'll figure out the sex when we get to that. This does not mean that pansexual people are willing to date anyone, but it does mean that sexual orientation or gender is not an equation in attraction. Some Pansexual people come out as bisexual, but learning about pansexuality changes their opinion. This was the case with me. Once I knew what pansexuality was, I felt like it encompassed what I deem to be my sexuality. If you examine the words for their actual meanings the prefix pan means all, and the prefix bi means two, being the number of genders they are willing to pursue in either a romantic and/or sexual relationship.

Some people may have a preference, but are still willing to date other genders; this does not invalidate their Sexuality.

People in the LGBTQ+ community try to lump bisexuality and pansexuality into one sexuality or do not recognize pansexuality at all. Many say that pansexuality assumes that bisexual people are excluding trans people, but some bisexual people do not want to pursue transgender people, and that is their prerogative, but makes them different from pansexuals, who are willing to date someone, regardless of if they're cis or trans. Some people whether they be pansexual or bisexual may have a preference on a gender or genders of people pursue; being they may prefer females more than males, and this does not devalue their sexual orientation.