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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Staying strong when it feels like you can’t go on.

” Do you know every battle that you’ve had to face is making you bulletproof?”

I believe you- Fletcher

Its the first month of college and I feel like I am drowning. But I also feel like I am the most powerful and successful I’ve ever been. As women, this is a very common feeling, especially as college students. But sometimes the feeling can get a little overwhelming and you want to breakdown. We’re here for you and know how it is, here is some things you can do to help.

1.) Let Yourself Feel

Sometimes the best thing you can do is breakdown and feel all of the emotions you have pent up. So play that sad music (Spotify playlist coming soon!), curl up in a soft blanket with your emotional support water bottle ad cry. Scream into the pillow and let it go. If you take this route do so constructively and don’t lose yourself. Remember you still have to get up and take on the world. Take a shower and wash it all away, look in the mirror and remember the Queen you are. You got this!

2.) Talk it Out

I know, you’ve heard this so many times but its true! Go to someone you trust weather that is a professor or your best friend and just vent. They’ll listen and you’ll feel so much better, trust me. Going to a professional may seem very scary but these people are trained and there to help you. Look into the resources around you. On my campus we have a counseling center and a 24/7 hotline available – yours probably does too.

3.) Look Deeply At Yourself

Most of the time when we’re unhappy it is something within ourselves that we can work hard and fix. Look at yourself and think about what can make your situation better. It could be better time management so you’re not stressed trying to meet deadlines every week (guilty) or coming up with a diet to feel better on the inside. Make goals for where you want to be and take the steps to get there.

4.) Become HER

We all know that girl. The one who seems like she has her life perfectly together, the Instagram influencer. She gets up at 5am to go to the gym, comes home eats healthy, does all her homework and has an amazing social life. Seems unattainable and to perfect? Its not. Become your own ‘It’ girl, do all the things you want to do to be the best you possible. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, don’t push snooze and go for it. You wont regret it.

5.) Do Things You Enjoy

The greatest advice I can give is to find a outlet. Find something you enjoy that can help you cope with all the negative emotions. It could be reading a book, drawing, joining a org on campus. literally anything that makes you happy, confident and like the fierce woman you are.

Life is hard, sometimes all the emotions and situation are almost to much to handle. But push through, stay strong and remember you got this!


Hey y'all! I'm a freshman at VSU and am majoring in Psychology on the pre-med track, I hope to become a psychiatrist and open my own practice and group home for foster kids. I have many things in my life that give me drive and push me to be my best, the biggest is having a voice for women and giving back to the people around me. I have life many life experiences that give me a unique view on subjects that I want to help other women who may be in the same situation. When I'm not trying to save the world I have my nose in a book and a iced coffee in hand. I absolutely adore music, and a listen to anything and everything.