New Music Alert!: Trip the album

One of my favorite artists, Jhene Aiko, came out with a new album about a couple weeks ago. As a true fan, of course I've listened to Trip only a hundred times so far (just kidding, not really). Trip is a very spiritual album that takes fans on a journey of healing, releasing all bad juju, and personal self-assurance/confidence. Below are a list of my favorite songs and their topics from her lovely new album.


1. New Balance

This song has to be my favorite song from the entire album. On this song she speaks about a love that makes her feel “new” in a sense, a love that is refreshing and something that we all long for. The melody has a very innocent and sweet feel to it. I think that everyone deserves a love that makes them feel good inside, and listening to this song definitely will have you acknowledging the love that you know you deserve. 



2. When We Love

This song speaks about how sometimes we accept the love that we know we shouldn’t. Sometimes we get lost in others and forget that we matter just as much as anyone else. The line “don’t choose me then use me” really spoke to me in a sense that some people tend to forget why they were interested in a person in the first place. Just remember that you always come first and it’s okay to leave a toxic situation.



  3. Never Call Me

I appreciate this song because Jhene seems to finally realize her worth. She speaks about how the relationship was toxic and they both knew this but continued to hold onto something that wasn’t positive. Communication is extremely important in a relationship. If both parties aren’t on the same page, there is no solid foundation ultimately causing the relationship to fail.



  4. Frequency

This song is probably the most spiritual song on the album to me. Jhene speaks about the power of love and how she wants God to be a vessel to others and allow them to spread positivity and kind heartiness to everyone they approach. This song definitely has an uplifting vibe and I encourage anyone to listen to this when they are going through tough times.



  5. Sing To Me

To end my list, I wanted to finish with this song. On this song, Jhene has her daughter Namiko singing to her as she sings to her as well. I thought this song was special because not a lot of artist include their children in their work so for Jhene to include her daughter was something so pure and beautiful to me I couldn’t leave this off the list.


The entire album was incredible. Just when I thought she couldn’t outdo herself from her past music, she went and created a masterpiece. I encourage everyone to listen to her whole album, but these were just the few that truly touched me. HCXO!