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Netflix Series To Binge Watch: Part 1

With cooler weather and the holiday’s approaching, more Netflix binge nights are on the way! Here are a couple of series that will have you glued to Netflix the whole day! So grab a blanket, some snacks, some friends and check out this list!

Law and Order SVU

This TV Drama about crimes is sure to keep you interested. The episodes rarely play off each other and usually have new cases every episode.


American Horror Story

The thing that I love about AHS is that every season has a new storyline, just the same actors. If you are horror series/movie lover and haven’t binged watch this what are you doing?! And if you have never watched AHS, I recommend Season 1 “Murder House” and season 3 “Coven”. You will absolutely love it!  I still binge watch Season 3 just for the fun of it!

The Twilight Zone

This is another series, especially for my classic horror lovers. This original series of the Twilight Zone, which first aired in 1963, is fun to binge watch!

The Bernie Mac Show

This is what I consider a classic series. Just sit back watch and laugh!

Criminal Minds

This is honestly one of my favorite TV series. It is similar to Law and Order VSU but focuses more on creepy mysteries. This series will be sure to keep you on your toes! 

A Different World 

This is one of my favorite early 90’s TV series! 


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