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The Needs and Wants Of The Vagina

Living in a society where women are constantly told what their vagina needs and wants really sucks! As a fed-up woman, I am really tired of people thinking what is best for my vagina. The only people who should be deciding what is best for their vagina, are the women who are the sole owners of their vaginas. But just in case you were curious about the needs and wants of most vaginas, here are a few facts!

1. My vagina NEEDS soft toilet paper.

I don’t like to call myself high maintenance, but I don’t give a damn if this toilet paper is more expensive than the other. Of course the cheap toilet paper is going to be rough while the more expensive one is softer. I’m not tryna have my vagina have scraps of toilet paper left in there after I wipe.


2. My vagina WANTS cotton underwear.

Victoria’s Secret does make some really cute thongs, but I think I rather wear underwear that doesn’t feel rough and give me wedgie.


3. My vagina DOESN’T NEED d*ck.

It’s really funny! In lots of songs, I hear rappers talking about how women need some d*ck. Not true. I will never NEED d*ck to make me happy. It’s called two fingers and a great imagination. But if I do ever want to have sex then…


4. My vagina NEEDS to be warmed up first.

You can’t drive the car if you don’t gas it up first. The same goes for my vagina! Foreplay first, then sex!


5. My vagina WANTS you to go easy down there.

My vagina isn’t one of those vaginas that takes a real hard pounding like the ones in porn. My vagina is sweet, loving, gentle, and sensitive… so don’t be rough with it!


6. My vagina NEEDS to see the gynecologist.

Most women visit their gynecologist once a year to go through a pelvic exam to make sure everything is okay down there. It’s like Santa Clause came into town, but instead of you getting presents, you get ice cold utensils that go up inside your vagina.



I'm Jessie Thomas, a junior in college. I'm a fun loving girl who loves music and fashion! Someday I hope to be successful in the entertainment industry.
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