My Three Favorite Items of Nostalgia

Hey beautiful ladies!

Growing up, my mom kept mementos of my life in a scrapbook: hospital bracelet, first footprints, daycare notes, formula label, birthday cards and decorations. You name it, she has it. She was also very invested in capturing memories whether she recorded videos or took pictures. She did that in every aspect of her life, even keeping decades worth of planners to keep track of life-changing events.

As I've grow up, I’ve become a collector of a few memories myself. I enjoy having physical things to spark nostalgia. 


Here are three things I like to collect to keep memories alive.

  • Pictures.

 I enjoy taking pictures. I use my iPhone a lot, but remember, I like physical memories. I also enjoy it when others give me physical copies of pictures to keep. At one point, I use to scrapbook, but I like having them tangible and not glued to a piece of paper. My favorite camera to use is the FujiFilm Instax Mini camera. I love the vintage feel and look of a picture followed by a film border, and the memory last a lot longer than anything digital. I enjoy watching the picture develop. I’ve even started a wall in my dorm to put all pictures on to look at when I’m studying or just chillin’ in my room. #nostalgia

  • Vinyl + Record Player.

If you’re a music junkie like I, you enjoy music in its entirety. Vinyl has made a nice comeback within this generation. Many artists nowadays give us an option to buy vinyl when purchasing their newest projects and I love it. My vinyl collection isn’t as huge as other massive music junkies, but it’s plentiful in genre.

Pro-tip: If you love vinyl, DO NOT buy a Crosley record player for it. Crosley record players scratch your records which will ruin them. #nostalgia

  • Video Games.

Okay. Don’t drag me for what I’m about to say. I own a Nintendo Gamecube and it’s the only gaming system I own. You might be wondering, “Girl, Gamecubes aren’t that old”. They’ll be eighteen on the 18th of November. Yes they are. A whole teenager. You’re also wondering, “Well how do you collect those games? Are they extinct?” Well no. Back when Best Buy was bussin’ with Gamecube games, I was snagging them left and right. I slowed down, but nowadays, I get them from 2ndand Charles (R.I.P. the 2ndand Charles on Atlanta Highway in Athens). They give me such nostalgia ‘cause I experience them in a different year, and it’s like I’m a child again… and being at this old age, I enjoy feeling like a child from time to time. Adulting is not cute. #nostalgia


Alright ladies, that’s it. Thanks for reading.

With love + memories,

-Marissa Auriell