My Favorite Youtubers of 2019

It's back to school so of course that means what's in my backpack?, college morning/night routines, how I study, and everyday makeup routine videos! So I'm here to give you a list of my favorite youtubers for 2019! Whether you like natural hair, back to school or beauty videos, my faves can do it all :) Enjoy! 

Image result for youtube phone gif1. Kaice Alea 

2. Kianna Naomi

3. Asia Jackson

4. OfficialKennedySimone

5. Eris the Planet

6. BeautyandBrains5

7. Bri Hall 

8. Ways to Study 

9. Jackie Aina

10. aaliyah simone 

I hope you all enjoy their channels as much as I do! 

Peace and love.