Mr. Waste Your Time

He’s the guy you can’t stop thinking about. He’s the guy that you wanna be around all time. Just the thought of him and the sound of his name makes you smile. And no, he’s not your boyfriend but he’s not exactly just a friend either. Then what is he then? Besides him making you feel all warm and lovey dovey inside… he’s the guy you have more sexual conversations with than intellectual ones. He’s the guy that will hit you up when he’s horny. He’s also the same guy who you think you may be falling for. That guy ladies is Mr. Waste Your Time. A guy that doesn’t value you takes you for granted, and just practically uses you just to get one off. But how do you know if you’re dealing with this type of guy? Well, first we have to take a step back and look at the whole situation because most likely you’re probably blinded by all the lovey dovey smoke in the air.

1. Relationship Benefits But No Time For A Girlfriend

So you and this guy have been seeing each other for awhile now. You guys are way past the dating stage but nowhere near the relationship stage. He claims to not have time for a relationship but clearly has enough time in the world to have sex with you. Even going out of his way to come scoop you up, take you back to his place, do the deed, and then drive you back. Yeah, he clearly has time for the relationship benefits, but not the actual relationship.

2. He Only Wants To Do ONE Thing

Ever received that text that said, “wanna hang?” When you get a text like that from one of your girlfriends, it means what it actually says. When you get it from Mr. Waste Your Time, it doesn’t mean what it actually says. In fact, that text is the “Netflix and Chill” of text messages. So you reply with a “yes.” A few minutes later, he’s over at your place, makes maybe one minute of small talk and suddenly he’s all over you. Next thing you know you find yourself having amazing sex with him, you guys finish, rest for maybe 5 minutes, and then suddenly he’s putting his clothes back on, gathering his stuff and leaves.

3. No Meaningful Conversation Here Or There

Can you remember the last intellectual or meaningful conversation you and Mr. Waste Your Time had? No? That’s probably because you guys have never had one. Or if you guys were close to having one, he somehow managed to turn that somewhat meaningful conversation into something sexual, and so suddenly you find yourself sexting him instead. The whole thing really isn’t bad, but the thing is, is that this happens almost every time.

4. He Barely Talks To You When You’re On Your Period

He doesn’t wanna be around you because of your constant mood swings and your crazy chocolate cravings. He doesn’t want to talk to you because all you guys ever do is sext and since you’re on your period, the thought of blood coming out your vagina turns him off completely. But no need to worry, because he always hits you up a week later asking you if you’re off your period so you guys can go back to your regular routine.

5. He Knows More About Your Body Than You As A Person

He knows what turns you on and he knows just how to please you in bed. But does he know you? I mean sure, he knows basic facts about you! He’s not sleeping with a total stranger… but he might as well be. Does he know the little things that make you tick? Does he know your biggest fears? Does he know what you want in life? Does he even want to know these things about you? The answer to that is no. If he did, he probably would’ve asked you these things a long time ago.

Ladies, time is a precious thing. It shouldn’t be anything taken for granted. Be with a guy who wants to be your boyfriend, who wants to actually hang out, a guy who you can have a meaningful conversation with, a guy who will comfort you on your period, and a guy who knows your body and soul. Don’t let Mr. Waste Your Time take you away from actually being with someone who values you.