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More Than Just a TV Show

So here’s a fun fact about me: I absolutely love the sitcom FRIENDS, and I have seen every single episode of every single season. If you aren’t familiar with this awesome and super funny TV show, here’s a short background on the show and its main characters.

Meet Monica Geller. Monica is the smart, bossy, particular, and cynical friend. She is very tidy, likes organization, and works very hard for what she has. After being overweight, she somehow worked off all of her weight and became a hot commodity that every guy wanted. She is very picky and loves to cook. Monica works as a chef for an uptown restaurant in NYC.


Next up is Ross Geller. Yup! Another Geller, and he is probably my favorite character on the show. Just like his sister, Ross is also very smart. He works as a paleontologist (I guess that‘s a cool job) and sometimes teaches paleontology courses at a university. He is romantic, emotional, has been divorced three times, is socially awkward, and has an incredibly funny sense of humor. 

Rachel Green is your typical city girl. She comes from a family that has a lot of money but came to New York to start on her own path of success. She is romantic, flirtatious, courageous, but yet very terrified that she won’t live out her dreams in the fashion world. She is the spoiled friend that everyone loves, and the beautiful woman that Ross Geller wants.

Joey Tribbiani… Let’s just say that he’s that friend that you can’t live with, and you can’t live without. He is an actor on a daytime soap opera and loves to bring that up when trying to talk to women. He isn’t always the brightest, but he means well and has a good heart.

Phoebe Buffay is that friend that you just have to have around because she is just so interesting and has an opinion about everything! She’s witty and very sweet. Her occupation? That’s tentative, but she consistently plays her guitar at the local coffee shop for the customer’s entertainment.

Chandler Bing is last but not least. He completes the crew. He is supportive with a dry sense of humor. He survives all awkward situations by telling jokes that tend to not be very funny. His job has something to do with computers but no one knows exactly what it is that he does. He’s that friend that you can always vent to but don’t expect a real conversation with him because he’ll just compare the situation to something corny that he saw on television that has no relevance.

Now that you know the gang, I want you guys to know that not only is the show hilarious, but you can also learn a lot about life from each of these main characters (even though they all have their own set of flaws). So what can they teach us? Well, I’m about to tell you simple things that each character will be able to teach you about life, yourself, or relationships.


What can Monica teach you?

 Clean up behind yourself! It’s good for your soul, your mood, and the overall look of your home.

What can Ross teach you?

Never give up on love. Even after multiple failed marriages, it’s still possible to find the girl (or guy) of your dreams.

What can Rachel teach you?

Being successful takes more than just being attractive. You have to work for what you want. Living under your parents your whole life will do you no good.

What can Joey teach you?


What can Phoebe teach you?

Never let anyone telling you that you aren’t good at something. Keep perfecting your craft and never give up. Truth is, there’s someone out there who loves what you’re doing so don’t let them down.

What can Chandler teach you?

When things get hard, try laughing. Life isn’t that serious so take that frown off your face. If telling jokes helps you get through a rough day, then do what you gotta do!


If you sat here and read this whole article, then you’re more than obligated to go and watch an episode (or two, or three…or binge watch) of FRIENDS!

Sidenote: For those who don’t know, FRIENDS went off air about 13 years ago, but you can catch repeats on TBS, Nick-at-Nite, or you can just watch every single episode on Netflix.


Lauren Ashli, formally known as Lauren Thomas is a native of Atlanta, Ga. She is currently a senior at Valdosta State University studying public relations and communication. After graduation, Lauren plans on working full time as a broadcast journalist for a major magazine company or television station. When she's not working behind the camera, Lauren spends time in the dance studio, working on her own personal businesses, socializing, and listening to her all time favorite artist Beyonce Knowles. You can follow her on Instagram @lauren.ashli, and on Twitter @MsLauren_Ashli. You can also visit her personal website www.laurenashli.com
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