MCM: Why We Can't Get Enough of Stephen Curry

Unless you live under a rock you have probably heard the name, Stephen Curry, a few times…or a lot. The Golden State Warriors’ guard is quickly becoming a household name and is amongst the top shooters in the National Basketball Association. When you look at the top 5 single-season 3-pointer list, Stephen Curry holds the top 3 spots beating out Ray Allen (05-06 Sonics) and Dennis Scott ( 95-96 Magic) He’s a force to be reckoned with, but there’s a whole list of why we just can’t get enough of him.

1. Shooting range

It’s not enough that Steph Curry is a 3-point phenomenon, but people are most impressed with the range that the he shoots his shots. The NBA 3-point line starts at 23 feet, 9 inches, Curry on average makes about 42% of his shots from 28 to 42 feet. He broke his single-season 3-point record with a shot from 25 feet on February 27th against the Oklahoma City Thunder. His most outrageous shot this season though would have to be his 48 foot shot on January 22nd, against the Pacers. Whether it’s luck or skill, Curry’s range is outstanding.

2. A classic man

While most of us only marvel at Curry on the court, off the court he’s something straight out of a GQ magazine. He is mostly flash and pizzazz when the ball is in his hands, but his sense of style is laidback and chill including versatile pieces like fitted jeans, blazers and tees.  

3. His handles


The only thing more impressive than Curry’s range is his ball handling skills. He often puts his opponents on “skates” weaving through defenders and making ridiculous passes to his teammates. In his pre-game warm-up routine he spends 5 minutes dribbling, which includes a variation of two-ball dribbling, dribbling in-between his legs, and dribbling one ball at a time with both hands.

4. A family man

As popular as Steph Curry may be, his wife and his oldest daughter might be just as popular. Not only is Ayesha Curry absolutely stunning, she is a mother to two beautiful daughters, an author, and a cook. Steph even has the initial “A” on his ring finger because he can’t wear his wedding ring during games. He also has no problem showing love to his daughter, Riley, who he sometimes brings to his after-game press conferences. You may even see him at a Sacramento Kings game supporting his younger brother, Seth Curry. As much as he is a professional basketball player it’s obvious he’s a family man first.

5. His dance moves

Curry migtht not be on "Dancing with the Stars" anytime soon, but it's safe to say he has rhythm. Every now and then Steph gets amped about a big play and you can find him doing a quick 1,2 step to solidify his excitement. As serious as he takes the game its nice to see a little fun on the court one when he's on the bench. 

It's too soon to call Stephen Curry a hall-of-famer or even one of the best to step foot on a court, but its obvious he brings something special to the game. There's no doubt about it, we just can't get enough of Stephen Curry.