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#MCM: Who is Zayn Malik?

Taking the music industry by storm at the moment, Zayn Malik is definitely one to lookout for. Beautiful soulful voice, unique sense of style and charming, there should be no question as to why we have chosen this man to be this week’s #MCM. If you didn’t know who Zayn Malik was before reading this, here are some interesting facts to keep you updated on this singer who is quickly climbing the music charts.

1. Former member of the English boy band One Direction. He left the band in March 2015 and released his debut album Mind of Mine, featuring the single Pillowtalk, in March 2016.

2. Zayn Malik was born on January 12th, 1993 in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

3. Zayn is a Muslim and recently tweeted “La ila ha ill lalla ho muhammed door rasoolalah” a common declaration of faith that means “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.”

4. Zayn means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic and Malik in Arabic means ‘king’ or ‘chieftain’.

5. His name is actually spelt Zain. Zayn is his stage name

6.  Zayn has a collection of over 34 bodily tattoos  

7. Zayn can’t swim and has aqua phobia which means he’s actually afraid of the water!

8. He admitted that he loves to pose topless, but is a bit shy when it comes to completely posing nude. 

9. Zayn loves reading & lists intelligence as the most important thing he looks for in a girl.

10. Zayn believes that the two things that make the world go round are “peace and love.”



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